Camp Chaos

New addition: Camp Chaos

1. November 2016

You like it intensive and groovy? Then this Lower Austrian quintet, which will perform at Kaltenbach Open Air for the very first time, is your kind of things: CAMP CHAOS

Proll Guns

New addition: Proll Guns

30. October 2016

Take a bit of „Wild-West-Saloon-Romantic”, add a breeze of charming “Red-Neck-Chav-Attitude” and put some down-to-earth Metal from Salzburg on top. Enjoy a perfect Western Thrash n’ Roll cocktail at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: PROLL GUNS


New addition: Adamon

27. October 2016

Ten years after their foundation in Lower Austria in 2007, this sextet will finally perform their Melodic Death Metal hymns at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: ADAMON

Deja Vu

New addition: Deja Vu

24. October 2016

Since 1987, this four-piece worhships metal in its purest and most genuine form. 30 years later, they are up to present their Heavy Metal forged in the sense of the Bavarian purity law at Kaltenbach […]

Pain Is

New addition: Pain Is

22. October 2016

They are one of Austria’s finest newcomers and always on the run. There is no doubt that this band truly deserves their place in the billing for Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: PAIN IS


New addition: Anthem

20. October 2016

Death Metal and Poland. This mixture definitely works. Every headbanger knows that. If there are any doubts left, this wrecking commando will destroy them at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017 once and for all: ANTHEM

Vinegar Hill

New addition: Vinegar Hill

17. October 2016

They are ranked among Austria’s hottest irons in terms of Modern Melodic Metal. From the Styrian Iron Trail to Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: VINEGAR HILL

5 Stabbed 4 Corpses

New addition: 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses

16. October 2016

Of course everybody loves to dance at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017. The decent music will be brought to you by 5 STABBED 4 CORPSES. Bloody Samba Grind from Germany. Grind on.

Dismal Lumentis

New addition: Dismal Lumentis

14. October 2016

It is not easy to describe the music of these Viennese band with only a few words. Should one give it a try with Progressive Dark Metal? Or maybe with Death Metal combined with Black […]

Justice Lost

New addition: Justice Lost

13. October 2016

Founded in 2013, these guys will thrash at Kaltenbach Open Air for their very first time. There is no doubt that they will prove why they are ranked as one of Styria’s most talented bands […]

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