New addition: Vader

10. December 2016

Headbangers worldwide worship them because of releasing milestones like “De Profundis”, “Litany” or “Necropolis”. They truely are one of the most valued icons of current Death Metal scene and their latest output “The Empire” has […]

Deströyer 666

New addition: Deströyer 666

7. December 2016

In the year of 1994 these Black n’ Thrash masters set out to take the world by storm from Melbourne, Australia. Meanwhile they have relocated to England and are ready to come over Kaltenbach Open […]

Rotten Sound

New addition: Rotten Sound

6. December 2016

More than 20 years of Grindcore and chaos. Since 1993 these finnish sickos are wrecking around the globe and they have definitely not finished yet. The grind is on at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: ROTTEN […]


New addition: Hate

5. December 2016

Established in 1990 in Warsaw, their style has always been elaborate death metal with diabolic lyrics about apocalyptic themes, spiritual mysticism and distinct anti-god attitude. Now they will spread the essence of extreme and unholy […]

Omnium Gatherum

New addition: Omnium Gatherum

4. December 2016

Hailing from Finland since 1996, this band plays fierce death metal combined with breathtaking melodies and progressive elements. A band that truly walks its own path which has led them to Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: […]


New addition: Horna

3. December 2016

This Finnish Black Metal legion was founded in the year of 1993 under the sign of a diabolic union. Despite several line-up changes their devotion to the occult remained the same. They will cast their […]


New addition: Skálmöld

1. December 2016

From the realms of the far north, an army of six Icelanders rushes towards Kaltenbach Open Air 2017. Their self-described Battle Metal will bring Icelandic heritage upon you. And in the end, who could tell […]


New addition: Bloodphemy

30. November 2016

After several years of destruction these Death Metal machines still combine brutal but nevertheless catchy riffs with melodic and industrial vibes in order to create a new dimension of extreme music. Coming all the way […]


New addition: Cryptopsy

28. November 2016

These Canadian technical Death Metal masters have wreaked havoc throughout the worldwide metal scene by releasing one masterpiece after the other. Their latest output is simply their most brutal, technical and dynamic offering as of […]


New addition: Contaminant

27. November 2016

Since 2006 it has always been their claim to create a new style of melodic Death Metal by adding symphonic and electronic sounds. Now it is time for them to contaminate Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: […]

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