Thanks for your support!

Even after our 15th edition, it has become quiet again on the metal mountain. For how long, the coming days and weeks will show. In the meantime, we would like to thank all visitors on behalf of our entire crew for the last 15 excesses.

Together we made it possible for an Austrian extreme metal festival to celebrate such an anniversary for the first time. Actually, we even wrote Austrian metal history together. We became aware of this during the fireworks on Saturday, and most likely we weren’t the only ones to have tears running down our cheeks.

A few metalheads from Styria and the surrounding area of ​​Vienna have actually managed to establish an Austrian metal festival permanently in the international calendar of events. With this knowledge in the back of our minds, it is now important to sober up, keep a clear head and review everything again. And to make a decision regarding the future of the Kaltenbach Open Air at the appropriate time.

Until then, THANK YOU again for everything. No matter what happens, the last 15 issues will stay with us forever!