New addition: Asphyx

30. November 2018

Formed back in 1987, these Dutch legends started building their reputation by releasing several demos that spread like a plague within the underground metal community. Soon after, ASPHYX established themselves at the spearhead of the […]


New addition: Azaghal

27. November 2018

Hailing from Finland since 1998, AZAGHAL are undoubtedly one of the leading pioneers of worldwide underground Black Metal scene. In the last 20 years, the band released ten full length albums, several EPs, splits and […]


New addition: Gutalax

20. November 2018

Founded in 2009, the grinders of GUTALAX have passed through brown rivers and danced at festivals all over the world. Since then, the band have released two full length albums, three splits – one with […]


New addition: Spasm

17. November 2018

Since their foundation in 2000, the sickos of SPASM from Czech Republic celebrate Gore Grind at its best and their latest full length album “Pussy​(​De​)​Luxe” is already a genre classic which made them a name […]


New addition: Enslaved

15. November 2018

Formed in Bergen, Norway, in 1991, ENSLAVED followed their own singular path from the very start. As they emerged from the nascent Norwegian Black Metal scene of the early ‘90s, guitarist Ivar Bjornson and vocalist/bassist […]


New addition: Carnifliate

13. November 2018

CARNIFLIATE from Slovenia were formed in 2013 and released their first album “Slaughterlust” in early 2016. After intensive touring the band got quite well-known for their intensive and uncompromising live shows. Currently, the band is […]


New addition: Richthammer

11. November 2018

Founded in 2009, this Austrian four-piece released its first demo “Gemartert Geschunden Verheert” in 2013. After having played several shows at home and abroad, RICHTHAMMER changed their style and image and finally released their latest […]


New addition: Vendetta Fucking Metal

9. November 2018

VENDETTA FUCKING METAL is a Groove Metal band from Murcia, Spain which was founded in 2007. Since then, the band published 5 albums and toured worldwide. Now it is time to destroy KALTENBACH OPEN AIR […]


New addition: Distillator

6. November 2018

DISTILLATOR is a three-piece Thrash Metal band from Enschede, The Netherlands. Since the release of their crushing debut album “Revolutionary Cells” in 2015, DISTILLATOR is considered as one of the most important newcomers in Dutch […]


New addition: Unfathomable Ruination

4. November 2018

UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION from London play an intense and brutal style of Death Metal drawing influences from the most extreme genres. Their two album releases “Misshapen Congenital Entropy” and “Finitude” quickly established them as one of […]

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