New addition: Asphyx


Formed back in 1987, these Dutch legends started building their reputation by releasing several demos that spread like a plague within the underground metal community. Soon after, ASPHYX established themselves at the spearhead of the international extreme music scene with such immortal death metal classics as “The Rack” (1991) and “The Last One On Earth” (1992). However, in the mid-90s line-up problems ensued and eventually the band disbanded in 1996 only to rise again with “On The Wings Of Inferno” in 2000. With this massive slab of doomy and raw death metal a true classical ASPHYX record had been created. Nevertheless, after some club and festival shows the band dissolved again. After these turbulent times, the reformation of ASPHYX was unbelievably successful and finally the full-length album “Death…The Brutal Way” was unleashed in 2009. While the rest is history, it is obvious that the current line-up is not simply making profit from past laurels, but has ultimately rediscovered its unquenchable thirst for delivering their own brand of doomy, violent death metal. The macabre atmosphere of the latest output is 666% ASPHYX from start to finish and once you have listened to the entire opus you will agree that the unique ASPHYX sound has truly been missed during the past years. Welcome back at KALTENBACH OPEN AIR in 2019!