New addition: Teethgrinder

5. October 2023

Grindcore at its best is the law when Teethgrinder enter the stage. There’s a good chance that the quartet will cause mosh and circle pits at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024!

Infernal Tenebra

New addition: Infernal Tenebra

3. October 2023

Croatia is not just a country for a good vacation. The metal scene also has many highlights, including Infernal Tenebra. Next year the Death Metal machine will cause havoc at Kaltenbach Open Air!


New addition: Obscura

2. October 2023

Obscura are at the forefront when it comes to technical and progressive death metal. In August 2024, the german band will grace Kaltenbach Open Air for the first time!


New addition: Thyrfing

29. September 2023

Thyrfing have been a well known name in the metal scene since the 1990s and combine black metal with pagan metal. In 2024 the Swedes will pay another visit to Kaltenbach Open Air after 15 […]

Sodomized Cadaver

New addition: Sodomized Cadaver

28. September 2023

Sheep-shagging Death Metal, this description fits best when it comes to the music of Sodomized Cadaver. Please welcome the welsh band at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024!


New addition: Guyod

27. September 2023

Guyod are hailing from Graz and devoted themselves to doom death metal. At Kaltenbach Open Air 2024 they will present their current album “Heart Of Thy Abyss”!

Basement Torture Killings

New addition: Basement Torture Killings

26. September 2023

As is well known, the dark goings-on in cellar vaults have a tradition in many places; this is also celebrated by Basement Torture Killings from England. Get ready for carnage at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024!


New addition: Mork

25. September 2023

Norway has been linked to the history of black metal since the early 90s. Mork are also a part of this history and stand for uncompromising Norwegian Black Metal, which can also be heard at […]


New addition: Auszaat

22. September 2023

Auszaat is a band from Salzburg, they present you a melange of black metal and sludge. You can convince yourself of the songs live at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024!

Rectal Smegma

New addition: Rectal Smegma

21. September 2023

When it comes to Goregrind, the Dutch people from Rectal Smegma have been one of the top acts for a long time and will be returning to Austria again in 2024. We are looking forward […]

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