New addition: Borknagar

20. September 2023

Borknagar have been an integral part of the Norwegian extreme metal scene since the early 90s, and many of their albums are considered as musical milestones. Reason enough for us to book the progressive viking […]


New addition: Lichtblick

19. September 2023

When it comes to Depressive Black Metal from Austria, Lichtblick is always one of the bands that knows how to convince across the board. A good reason to welcome the Upper Austrians to Kaltenbach Open […]


New addition: Bewitched

18. September 2023

Bewitched from Sweden have been active since 1995 and causing a sensation since their debut “Diabolical Desecration”. In 2024 the band will perform for the first time at Kaltenbach Open Air!


New addition: Distant

15. September 2023

Let´s continue with the next band confirmation. With Distant from the Netherlands all deathcore fans will get their money’s worth!


New addition: Ravenous

14. September 2023

In addition to international bands, the local scene also plays an important role at Kaltenbach Open Air. We welcome the Austrian thrash metal band Ravenous!

Brutal Sphincter

New addition: Brutal Sphincter

13. September 2023

It will also be time for some Goregrind in 2024, we are pleased that Brutal Sphincter have accepted our invitation!


New addition: Hellripper

12. September 2023

The next confirmation comes in the form of Hellripper from Scotland, get ready for some blackened speed metal!

The Stone

New addition: The Stone

6. September 2023

Unfortunately, the Serbian black metal horde THE STONE didn’t make it to our festival this year. This is a good reason for us to give them another opportunity in 2024!


New addition: Vomitory

4. September 2023

We can proudly announce the first band for Kaltenbach Open Air 2024, please welcome the Swedish death metal legend VOMITORY!


Presale started!

1. September 2023

Dear international supporters, it is a pleasure to announce the date for 2024. The next edition of Kaltenbach Open Air will take place from 22nd to 24th of August 2024. Tickets are available in our […]

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