New addition: Fleshless

24. October 2022

Unfortunately, Fleshless had to cancel their performance at Kaltenbach Open Air 2022, therefore we decided to invite the guys again. In 2023 the band will celebrate their 20th anniversary, in style with a performance of […]


New addition: Warbringer

21. October 2022

The band from the US state of California has been active since 2004 and has always shined with first-class thrash metal. In 2023, Warbringer will pay us a visit and be added as another attraction […]


New addition: Archspire

20. October 2022

During the recent years, Archspire has experienced a rapid upswing in terms of awareness. We are happy that the Canadian technical death metal band is confirmed for Kaltenbach Open Air 2023.

Abrupt Demise

New addition: Abrupt Demise

13. October 2022

Abrupt Demise come from the Netherlands and are no beginners at all. In 2023 they will bang their Dutch Death Metal into your ears at Kaltenbach Open Air!

Shadow Of Intent

New addition: Shadow Of Intent

12. October 2022

The guys from Shadow Of Intent have been active since 2013, in 2023 the US-band will perform their melodic death metal for the first time at Kaltenbach Open Air!

Doomed To Fail

New addition: Doomed To Fail

11. October 2022

Doomed To Fail are the next addition to the Kaltenbach Open Air 2023 lineup, we welcome the Styrian melodic death metal band!


New addition: Irdorath

7. October 2022

Irdorath have been an integral part of the Austrian Black Metal scene for a while now, at Kaltenbach Open Air 2023 the band will present their latest album!

Presale started!

Presale launched!

6. October 2022

The time has come, we have started the presale for the Kaltenbach Open Air 2023! From now on, tickets are available via Ticketmaster.at, for further information can be found here.


New addition: Uzziel

6. October 2022

It’s time once more to announce an Austrian band. Uzziel have dedicated themselves to Groove Metal and will present their songs at Kaltenbach Open Air 2023!

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