New addition: Benediction

15. November 2022

A true death metal legend will honor us next year at Kaltenbach Open Air, Benediction are truly a veteran of the British metal scene and deserver to lead the lineup in 2023!


New addition: Armada

14. November 2022

Mexico doesn’t just stand for salsa and tabasco, from time to time death metal is also on the menu. At Kaltenbach Open Air 2023, Armada will prove their power and strength!


New addition: Moonsorrow

11. November 2022

One can hardly mention Finland and Pagan Black Metal in one sentence without thinking of Moonsorrow. After their performance at Kaltenbach Open Air 2006, we are pleased that the band will once again enrich our […]


New addition: Lik

10. November 2022

Swedish death metal is always welcome at Kaltenbach Open Air, we were able to confirm Lik for 2023. The band is definitely one of the best bands arisen from Stockholm during the last ten years!


New addition: Witchcraft

9. November 2022

The thrash metal band Witchcraft has been active since 1988, and the Croatians will celebrate their 35th anniversary with you at Kaltenbach Open Air 2023!


New addition: Misþyrming

8. November 2022

When you consider Iceland’s small population, it’s amazing how many black metal bands already have been founded. These also include Misþyrming, which we welcome at Kaltenbach Open Air 2023!


New addition: Lichway

7. November 2022

So far, Welsh black metal has been a rarity at the Kaltenbach Open Air, but this will change in 2023. Lichway stand for pitch-black melodies, which you can witness next year.

Carach Angren

New addition: Carach Angren

4. November 2022

Over the years, Carach Angren have refined their horror black metal more and more. At Kaltenbach Open Air 2023 the Dutch band will present their dark brew of morbid lyrics and pitch-black riffs!

The Stone

New addition: The Stone

2. November 2022

One of the most famous Serbian black metal bands is undoubtedly The Stone, due to many live shows and tours. At Kaltenbach Open Air 2023 the horde will once again come to Austria!