Slaughter Messiah

New addition: Slaughter Messiah

30. September 2022

Do you feel like speed metal with a touch of black metal? Then you’ve come to the right place with Slaughter Messiah, the Belgians will heat up the moshpit at Kaltenbach Open Air 2023!


New addition: Onslaught

29. September 2022

When it comes to thrash metal, Onslaught are a highlight in european climes. The british band will deliver a powerful show at Kaltenbach Open Air 2023!


New addition: Tortharry

28. September 2022

Already active since 1991, Tortharry celebrated their milestone anniversary last year. The Czech death metal roller tirelessly paves its way, which will also lead them to the Kaltenbach Open Air 2023!


New addition: Interregnum

27. September 2022

The Styrian band Interregnum is the sixth new addition to the Kaltenbach Open Air 2023 lineup. In addition to songs from the current album “Des Menschen Bürde” you can expect many other melodic death metal […]


New addition: Kanonenfieber

26. September 2022

Although Kanonenfieber was only founded two years ago, the band quickly established itself in the extreme metal landscape. Their melodic black/death metal deals with the First World War, prepare for a historic lesson at Kaltenbach […]


New addition: Lehm

25. September 2022

The fourth announcement is the Austrian band Lehm. The trio from Graz will enrich the Kaltenbach Open Air 2023 with their post-doom metal.


New addition: Ellende

23. September 2022

As the band was forced to cancel their participation at the Kaltenbach Open Air this year, we are pleased that their performance in 2023 can be made up for. We welcome Ellende again!


New addition: Vinsta

22. September 2022

As the second announcement we present Vinsta from the federal state of Salzburg, Austria. Their style can be described as alpine death metal, additionally the lyrics are written in dialect. Don´t miss them at Kaltenbach […]

Fleshgod Apocalypse

New addition: Fleshgod Apocalypse

21. September 2022

We are happy to announce the first band for Kaltenbach Open Air 2023: Fleshgod Apocalypse have been active for 16 years, the Italians stand for top-class symphonic death metal!


KOA 2023

8. September 2022

It’s done, finally we can announce the continuation of the KALTENBACH OPEN AIR and also the date for our 16th edition: 17.-19. August 2023 The last few years have been challenging for various reasons, like […]