Ticket refund

Dear visitors,

First of all we´d like to thank you for your understanding, the decision to cancel KOA 2020 is of course not an easy one, but simply necessary due to health related reasons, as you know.

Many of you asked if it would help, if they don´t return their tickets. The answer is straight and simple: YES. Some bills had to be paid and for example flights to be booked, if you don´t return your ticket via ticketmaster.at until the 30th of June 2020, this would help us to reduce the costs.

Nevertheless we appeal to you, to return your ticket, as we know that everybody needs every cent in times like we are facing nowadays. The tickets won´t be valid for K:O:A 2021, we simply don´t know yet if another festival will take place, time will tell.

Ticket refund Ticketmaster:
Today a mail has been sent, that includes all required information. Please check your mail inboxes.

Ticket refunds presale-offices and bands:
Please ask the presale-office or band that handed the ticket out to you.

Stay healthy, and take care!