New addition: Taake


The release of the seventh full-length album “Kong Vinter” undoubtedly cemented the reputation of TAAKE’s enigmatic founder and frontman Hoest of being one of those rare artists who manage to keep alive the old Norwegian spirit of Black Metal. But not only does he succeed in keeping the original spirit alive, he also manages to breathe fresh life into in a genre which has become very faceted and fractured. With a live line-up consisting of skilled and highly experienced musicians, TAAKE has also become a force to be reckoned with on stages worldwide. Hoest’s charismatic persona and powerful presence combined with an extensive back-catalogue make TAAKE’s live rituals something unique and varied. Regardless of whether they take place in an intimate club setting or large festival arenas, TAAKE’s shows, like TAAKE’s albums, have over the years garnered high praise from fans and critics alike. After over two decades and seven highly acclaimed albums, some of which are regarded as quintessential Black Metal classics and one of which received a nomination for the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammys (Spellemanns-prisen), TAAKE’s sound still remains fresh and relevant today. It is the quality of the studio outputs combined with the band’s dynamic live shows that has ensured that the legions of old fans remain faithful and that new fans still come a-flocking to get a taste of TAAKE’s Helnorsk Svartmetall. Indeed, True Norwegian Black Metal is not dead, nor will it ever be, while its traditions and its future lie safely in Hoest’s pair of hands. Of course, this statement will again be proven at KALTENBACH OPEN AIR 2020.