New addition: Misanthropic Might

Misanthropic Might

Due to unswerving commitment to misanthropy and extreme music, MISANTHROPIC MIGHT was born in 2000. With the release of their first demo “Fegefeuer”(2001) and first full length album “Misanthropic War” (2003), soon the band became a constant in the Austrian metal scene and beyond. With the follow-ups “Menschenhasser” (2013) and “Feindt” (2018), the four-piece once again created masterpieces in terms of brutality and rawness. Uncompromisingly, MISANTHROPIC MIGHT stand for vicious black metal and their trademarks are relentless blasting, melodic riffs and demonic vocals. Globaler Virus Mensch ist… Feindt… at Kaltenbach Open Air 2020!