New addition: Malokarpatan


MALOKARPATAN was formed in autumn 2014 as a solo project of Adam S., the main composer and lyricist. The initial idea of the project was to pay homage to the originators of black metal’s first wave and also to the culture of his home country Slovakia. Eventually, he teamed up with HV and Temnohor in order to record the debut album “Stridžie dni”. Evoking the sounds of early BATHORY, VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE and Eastern European black metal pioneers, MALOKARPATAN created their unique style by combining 80s heavy metal and early black metal. Several live shows across Europe and their second album “Nordkarpatenland” made the band, now a five-piece introducing Peter and Miroslav, a name to deal with. Be part of one of their iconic rituals at Kaltenbach Open Air 2020.