New addition: Ingested

18. November 2019

Founded in 2006, the Mancunian slam crew INGESTED have built a reputation as one of the most savage death metal acts to come out of the UK for a long time. Punishing beat-downs, epic riffage, […]


New addition: Helrunar

14. November 2019

HELRUNAR is an archaic breath of the misty world hidden behind reality. A breath filled with darkness but also with wisdom and passionate imaginations of a remote past veiled by the mist. A breath silently […]


New addition: Asenblut

13. November 2019

Since 2006, the fire of ASENBLUT is burning and their first two masterpieces “Aufbruch” and “Von Worten und Taten” made them greatly feared warriors ready for attack. With the release of their latest weapon “Berserker”, […]


New addition: Sodomized Cadaver

8. November 2019

SODOMIZED CADAVER are one of the leading names in Welsh death metal. The band defines its style by taking influences from both old school death metal and brutal death metal. To date, they have released […]


New addition: Morost

6. November 2019

MOROST was founded in 2010 by ex-members of the Doom Metal band Cold Dew with the desire to create complex and progressive Death Metal. After a few years of fine-tuning, the band recorded their debut […]


New addition: Hellmetall

5. November 2019

The Italian band HELLMETALL was founded in 2010. The 5-piece defines its style as Folk Thrash Metal with Resian lyrics, a Slavic language spoken in the band’s home region, the Resia Valley. Generally, their music […]