Nargaroth cancel their show

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that René Wagner alias Ash decided that NARGAROTH will not perform at KALTENBACH OPEN AIR 2020. Yesterday, NARGAROTH’s booking agency informed us about the circumstances and forwarded the following statement of Ash:

“I herewith announce that NARGAROTH will not play at the KALTENBACH OPEN AIR – Festival in August 2020. For some it sucks, for others it doesn’t matter. Yet, it is what it is and if it worsens my reputation so be it. Thanks to Redback Promotion for trying to set up some shows in Europe. They had nothing to do with my decision. I just want to play elsewhere where I haven’t been yet. Ash”

In the given situation, we want to make clear that this cancellation is neither caused by us, the organizational team of KALTENBACH OPEN AIR, nor the band’s booking agency. This cancellation is solely caused by Ash’s decision to consider other show offers. Some keep their word others do not. Anyway, we want to apologize for any inconveniences caused by Ash’s decision but we are quite sure that other bands will step in and that our anniversary will still be one hell of a party.a