New addition: Nargaroth


With the official founding of the band in 1996, NARGAROTH marked the beginning of their uncompromising crusade of provocative and relentless Black Metal. The eerie atmosphere, which delivers an impression of ancient and grim nature, and the profound lyrics, expressing the struggle and melancholy of being human, accompanied NARGAROTH and bandleader Ash ever since the very beginning. The unambiguous statement “Black Metal ist Krieg”, the title of the second full-length album, not only praised the cult of unbendable Black Metal but also paid tribute to the classic Black Metal scene of the early 90s. With the following releases, NARGAROTH delivered diverse masterpieces of the black arts and retained the reputation of being one of the most renowned Black Metal acts of today. In the name of NARGAROTH, gather for attack at Kaltenbach Open Air 2020.