New addition: Hideous Divinity

Hideous Divinity

The band’s triumph started back in 2007 when ex-members of HOUR OF PENANCE and EYECONOCLAST came up with a new straight-in-your-face Death Metal project named HIDEOUS DIVINITY. Soon after, the band released their first demo “Sinful Star Necrolatry” including two tracks written and arranged by Enrico Schettino and recorded at the 16th Cellar Studios. Despite the first successes a period of silence followed and it was not until 2012, the first full-length album “Obeisance Rising”, a concept album based on John Carpenter’s masterpiece “They Live”, was released via UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS. Two albums named “Cobra Verde” (2014) and “Adveniens” (2017) followed and recently, HIDEOUS DIVINITY signed with the major label CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS who are going to release their upcoming full-length album “Simulacrum” on 8 November 2019. Be prepared for another brutal Death Metal attack on Kaltenbach Open Air 2020.