New addition: Desaster


DESASTER’s history goes back to the year 1988 when two Metal-possessed maniacs started to follow the path of bands like VENOM, HELLHAMMER or DESTRUCTION, whose song „Total Desaster“ was the eponym for the band’s name. Back then, their only intention was to pay homage to the gods of pure fucking Black Metal without compromises. After playing the first live show in 1989, DESASTER faced serious line-up problems before Infernal, the one and only remaining original member, found the right warriors to continue. After releasing of the first two demos “The Fog Of Avalon” (1993) and “Lost In The Ages” (1994), Merciless Records released a split-7” with UNGOD in 1995, the band´s vinyl-debut. In 1996, the first full-length album “A Touch Of Medieval Darkness” was finally unleashed and critically acclaimed. The sophomore album “Hellfire’s Dominion” (1998) followed soon after and included the neck-breaking Metal hymn “Metalized Blood”. Many albums followed, their latest single “Black Celebration” (2019) is nothing but another total Metal attack in the name of Satan. Be prepared for sharp riffs, pounding drums, roaring bass and screaming hell at Kaltenbach Open Air 2020.