New addition: Ewig Frost

29. September 2018

You always wanted to know how it sounds when you are speeding down a highway, which leads through a post-apocalyptic desert, while the end of the world is breathing down your neck? EWIG FROST will […]


New addition: Avulsed

28. September 2018

AVULSED are without any doubt the most veteran and constant band in the Spanish extreme metal scene since its inception in August 1991. Famous for their brutal live performances, these death metal sickos will certainly […]


New addition: Interregnum

27. September 2018

In a time, when all the myths and legends of the ancient gods fell silent and old pagan battles were nothing but history, five Austrian warriors arose and brought these fierce legends back to life. […]


New addition: Theotoxin

23. September 2018

In April 2016, ex-members of Zombie Inc. and Hollenthon formed this blasphemous horde. Just one year later, THEOTOXIN released their debut album “ATRAMENTVM” which received positive feedback all around the globe. With their second output […]


New addition: Lehm

22. September 2018

Fear, emptiness, depression, nature. All and nothing or Post Doom Metal at its best. LEHM from Graz, Austria will bring darkness over Kaltenbach Open Air 2019.


New addition: Dornenreich

14. September 2018

We are pleased to announce the participation of DORNENREICH at KOA 2019, the band will perform an exclusive show in Austria. A statement of the band: “LEBEN UND LEIDENSCHAFT Tour 2019” (feat. Eklatanz of Heretoir […]


New addition: Sinister

9. September 2018

We are proud to announce that the Dutch Death Metal monsters of SINISTER will crush our metal mountain madness in 2019. Classics like “Diabolical Summoning” or “Hate” made them legends but also their latest output […]


New addition: Vomitory

3. September 2018

For 24 years, Swedish death metal legends VOMITORY laid waste to stages all over the world and released eight successful albums before laying down their arms in 2013. In 2017, they reunited for one show […]