New addition: Saor

6. October 2023

Saor have already gained a large fan base in recent years, now it’s time for the band to perform at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024. We are looking forward to the great blend of Pagan Black […]


New addition: Thyrfing

29. September 2023

Thyrfing have been a well known name in the metal scene since the 1990s and combine black metal with pagan metal. In 2024 the Swedes will pay another visit to Kaltenbach Open Air after 15 […]


New addition: Moonsorrow

11. November 2022

One can hardly mention Finland and Pagan Black Metal in one sentence without thinking of Moonsorrow. After their performance at Kaltenbach Open Air 2006, we are pleased that the band will once again enrich our […]