Vital Remains

New addition: Vital Remains

19. November 2016

Undoubtably, metal fanatics worldwide worship them because of releasing Death Metal classics like “Forever Underground”, “Dawn of the Apocalypse” or “Dechristianize”. US Death Metal at its best at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: VITAL REMAINS


New addition: Infest

18. November 2016

Ever since their beginning in 2002, this Deathrash metal band is all about the spirit of old school metal madness. These maniacs guarantee no compromise attitude and slaughtering riffs. Please welcome at Kaltenbach Open Air […]


New addition: Madog

17. November 2016

They are dealing with the forces of Metal since 1991 and therefore they know how premium Heavy Metal from Carinthia should sound like. Next year they play at Kaltenbach Open Air for their very first […]


New addition: Ranz

16. November 2016

Their down-to-earth- Heavy Metal is all about the classic stereotypes. Sex, drugs and Rock ´n‘ Roll at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: RANZ

Lost Vital Spark

New addition: Lost Vital Spark

11. November 2016

Founded in 2002 with the intention to create a new style of fast and aggressive music, these Upper Austrian band will now present their modern and melodic Death Metal at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: LOST […]


New addition: Svarta

9. November 2016

Since their foundation in 2009, these maniacs create atmospheric and doomy Black Metal. Now it is time to wrap the rift of Kaltenbach into dark colours of sound: SVARTA


New addition: Senntus

8. November 2016

Even with their latest album „Narbenkind“, these Styrian Dark Metal formation were able to convince on a larger scale. The successor “Metum” should be the next big deal: SENNTUS

Crossing Edge

New addition: Crossing Edge

4. November 2016

Their debut album made this Upper Austrian sextet a name to deal with. Now, they will present their Modern Melodic Metal at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: CROSSING EDGE

Camp Chaos

New addition: Camp Chaos

1. November 2016

You like it intensive and groovy? Then this Lower Austrian quintet, which will perform at Kaltenbach Open Air for the very first time, is your kind of things: CAMP CHAOS

Proll Guns

New addition: Proll Guns

30. October 2016

Take a bit of „Wild-West-Saloon-Romantic”, add a breeze of charming “Red-Neck-Chav-Attitude” and put some down-to-earth Metal from Salzburg on top. Enjoy a perfect Western Thrash n’ Roll cocktail at Kaltenbach Open Air 2017: PROLL GUNS

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