New addition: Hideous Divinity

11. August 2021

The 12th announcement for Kaltenbach Open Air 2022 are Hideous Divinity from Rome, Italy presenting a fierce mix of technical and brutal Death Metal.


New addition: Mortal Strike

10. August 2021

Green tanks on the Kaltenbach Open Air stage? Please welcome the thrashers Mortal Strike from Vienna, Austria, with sexy enrichments from Denmark and France. Let there be Thrash Metal for all of you!


New addition: Swallow The Sun

9. August 2021

The 10th band to be announced for Kaltenbach Open Air 2022 are no less than Swallow the Sun, masters of Melodic Doomed Death Metal from Jyväskylä, Finland.


New addition: Sodomized Cadaver

6. August 2021

The 9th band to be announced for Kaltenbach Open Air 2022 are Sodomized Cadaver. Well, yes, sheep-sodomizing Death Metal maniacs from Wales, United Kingdom.


New addition: Ellende

5. August 2021

The infinite 8 at Kaltenbach Open Air 2022 belongs to Ellende from Graz, Austria – established by mastermind L.G. in order to envision his unique ambitions in terms of Post Black Metal.


New addition: Pequod

4. August 2021

The seventh son of the seventh band of our billing for Kaltenbach Open Air 2022 (15th anniversary) are Pequod, a fierce Thrash Metal commando from Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Trivia: the band’s name originates from the […]


New addition: Voidstalker

3. August 2021

Let’s start the day with band #6 out of 36 at Kaltenbach Open Air 2022. Please raise your horns for Voidstalker – Black Metal from Carinthia, Austria – just to quote the band: UGH!!!!!


Presale started!

30. July 2021

Pre-sale tickets for Kaltenbach Open Air 2022 are now available via our webshop at UNIVERSE:


New addition: Desaster

30. July 2021

Today, let’s make it band #5 out of 36. After having released their new album “Churches Without Saints” just a few weeks ago, Desaster, Blackened Thrash Metal from Koblenz, Germany, are more than ready to […]


New addition: Benighted

28. July 2021

Band number 4 out of 36 confirmed for Kaltenbach Open Air 2022 are Benighted, a Brutal Death Metal wrecking commando from Saint-Étienne, France.

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