New addition: Kampfar

6. December 2023

With Kampfar we can announce another top act that fits perfectly on the metal mountain with a fine blend of norwegian Pagan Black Metal. In addition this announcement completes the lineup of Kaltenbach Open Air […]

Malevolent Creation

New addition: Malevolent Creation

4. December 2023

We are proud to present another international top act today, named Malevolent Creation. The Americans are well known for their death metal milestones, you can witness them live at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024!

Napalm Death

New addition: Napalm Death

1. December 2023

Hardly any other band has shaped the grindcore genre like Napalm Death did in their 40-year history. At Kaltenbach Open Air 2024 the english guys will prove that they are still far from retirement!


New addition: Asmodeus

23. November 2023

Since 1996 Asmodeus from Styria have been one of the top acts, when it comes to Austrian black metal. The quartet will demonstrate this impressively at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024!


New addition: Destruction

15. November 2023

The German thrashers from Destruction are among the great representatives of their guild since the early 80ies. With the current album “Diabolical” in their luggage, the band will honor Kaltenbach Open Air 2024!


New addition: Bodyfarm

6. November 2023

Bodyfarm from the Netherlands are known for pure death metal since 2009. At Kaltenbach Open Air 2024 they will present their favorite songs, including a few from their current album.

Deströyer 666

New addition: Deströyer 666

31. October 2023

Deströyer 666 stand for uncompromising Black Thrash Metal, just like it is in the book. Founded in Australia in 1994, the band will be celebrating their 30th anniversary at Kaltenbach Open Air next year!


New addition: Elysium

30. October 2023

The Czech Republic is not only known for good beer, but also for solid death metal. Elysium will prove this fact at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024!


New addition: Havok

25. October 2023

Havok (USA) stand for top-class thrash metal and will prove this at Kaltenbach Open Air 2024. Get ready to bang your head!

Anime Torment

New addition: Anime Torment

24. October 2023

Anime Torment from the Czech Republic have proven themselves on many stages across Europe. In 2024 the band will also perform at Kaltenbach Open Air.

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