New addition: Pornthegore


From Porngrind to Goregrind. There are tons of bands that are much easier to describe than PORNTHEGORE from Buzău, Romania. Intense porno sucky fucky spiritual philosophical music is the label that was chosen by the band themselves. These sickos definitely break out of every pigeonholing and instead combine the best aspects of several genres to create their own sound. Mantra-Kamasutra-drumming lays the foundation for hypnotical porn soundtracks created by a magnificent 6-string. Finally, their sonic orgasms are accentuated with deepthroat sound samples and splattered by a pulsating bass. The conjuring and mourning of two vocalists guide through the darkest abysses of a gloryhole, the world of PORNTHEGORE. A bizarre change between fast umpa-umpa lightness and slowly grooving guitar walls evoke emotions of cumshots, sexual harassment, penis in vagina, affiliation, love and more at Kaltenbach Open Air 2020.