New addition: Ancst


Striving for different perspectives of life, we see ourselves and others in individual responsibilities to give our entity any sort of significance. Aware of our beings including all advantages of modern society, we cannot and will not close our eyes and minds to all these incredible concepts we are forced to deal with in our daily routine. Sick of asking whether these concepts make sense in any way or not. These are the voices of the unsatisfied. The marginalised. We are sick of being flawless and adapted. Conditioned to follow or to lead. We have not forgotten to think for ourselves. To take responsibility for ourselves. To share and to feel. This is the wrath of the unassimilated who are forced to participate in this farce. We are tired of asking unanswered questions and using collectives in order to create a vent for all the accumulated frustrations about democracy, fascism, racism, sexism and all other fucked up agendas. Our storm will wash it all away. Never stop dreaming.