New addition: TrustNo1

29. October 2018

Death Metal. Straight and brutal. That is the way we like it. Please welcome at Kaltenbach Open Air for the very first time: TRUST NO1 from Innsbruck, Austria.


New addition: Vargsriket

20. October 2018

Just to cite the official band info: “Fukk all that Post-Crap! This is Total Phukking Black Metal.” Aynthing else to add? Yes, VARGSRIKET are iconic pure fucking Black Metal from Austria. Therefore, raise your horns!


New addition: Pestilence

17. October 2018

The members of this band, a legendary Metal institution from the Netherlands, are innovators that revolutionized Death Metal and altered what was considered as “progressive”. Groundbreaking albums like “Malleus Maleficarum”, “Consuming Impulse “, Testimony of […]


New addition: Rotten Cold

13. October 2018

These sickos are now terrorizing the local underground scene with their brutal but nevertheless technical mixture of Grindcore and Death Metal since 2000. The title of ROTTEN COLD’s latest full length “Grind Culture” says it […]


New addition: Evil Invaders

10. October 2018

This Belgian band delivers the ultimate expression of aggression. Undoubtedly, EVIL INVADERS will guide you through a relentless and twisted journey which every extreme metal music fan should relate to. After touring extensively through different […]


Presale started!

9. October 2018

Tickets for Kaltenbach Open Air 2019 are available as of now via Universe, further presale offices will be added soon. All infos regarding the presale can be found here.


New addition: Wiegedood

2. October 2018

As the final part of the “De Doden Hebben Het Goed” trilogy (translation: “The Dead Have It Good”), WIEGEDOOD’s newest album, De Doden Hebben Het Goed III, is a natural extension of its predecessors. What […]