New addition: Irdorath

9. November 2017

Since their foundation in 2005, this Austrian horde consistently stands for premium Black Metal mixed up with old school Thrash Metal elements and high-quality live performances. After releasing their latest album “Denial Of Creation”, mighty […]


New addition: Veins Of Suffering

8. November 2017

Founded in 2017, this Styrian band is determined to become one of Austria’s finest newcomers in terms of Melodic Death Metal. VEINS OF SUFFERING, definitely a name to keep in mind.


New addition: Nervosa

6. November 2017

Hailing from Brazil since 2010, the members of this band have definitely one thing in common: their endless passion for old school Thrash Metal. We are very proud to announce that NERVOSA, one of the […]


New addition: Doomas

27. October 2017

Hailing since 2006, this band celebrates at its best. Due to their high-quality live performances DOOMAS became one of the leading metal bands of their home country Slovakia. Next year these masters of doom are […]


New addition: Cruachan

23. October 2017

Back in 1992, three Irishmen took their interest in Celtic history and mythology, blended it with traditional Irish music and metal, and in doing so, they created a new genre of music. The band has […]


New addition: Thormesis

20. October 2017

Since 2006, this band stands for Pagan Metal of highest quality and aspiration. Their latest outout “Trümmerfarben” is far from being genre standard and THORMESIS will prove their claim to the throne at Kaltenbach Open […]


New addition: Goatwhore

19. October 2017

“We wanted it raw. We wanted it organic. We wanted it to sound the way we do in the live setting,” relays frontman Ben Falgoust of the band’s latest output, “Vengeful Ascension”. Once again, the […]


New addition: Tortharry

18. October 2017

After more than 25 years of existence, these maniacs are truly one of the most iconic Czech extreme metal bands of today. Continuously touring and releasing masterpieces like “Beneath” and “Follow” made TORTHARRY a well-respected […]


New addition: Steel Engraved

17. October 2017

Emerged from a band known as Stainless Steel, these Bavarian headbangers finally decided to change their name in the year of 2007. Since then, they are one of the most aspiring Heavy Metal bands from […]


New addition: Poppy Seed Grinder

11. October 2017

Since 1997, these maniacs are the epitome of musical brutality and sickness from Czech Republic. Therefore it is no surprise that they are undoubtedly a name to deal with in terms of Brutal Death Metal […]

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