New addition: Mortal Strike

24. September 2019

The band name tells the story. Raw, powerful and uncompromising Thrash Metal with thundering, artillery-like riffs and energetic choruses that leave you no choice but to mosh and bang your head. Founded in 2009, these […]


New addition: Lowbau

23. September 2019

Keep going… a slogan etched in the minds of all that ever witnessed a LOWBAU show. Founded in 2006, this Viennese sludge metal band is blessed with a DIY spirit and driven by passion. No […]


New addition: Misanthropic Might

19. September 2019

Due to unswerving commitment to misanthropy and extreme music, MISANTHROPIC MIGHT was born in 2000. With the release of their first demo “Fegefeuer”(2001) and first full length album “Misanthropic War” (2003), soon the band became […]


New addition: Malokarpatan

18. September 2019

MALOKARPATAN was formed in autumn 2014 as a solo project of Adam S., the main composer and lyricist. The initial idea of the project was to pay homage to the originators of black metal’s first […]


New addition: 1914

17. September 2019

The Ukrainian blackened doom metal band 1914 is nothing less than the sonic vision of the theatre of World War I. While listening to their music, experience the cruelty of the Great War and its […]


New addition: Ellende

13. September 2019

The Austrian black metal outfit ELLENDE was founded in the year 2011 by L.G. as a solo project and soon turned into a live band by recruiting several session members in 2012. With their latest […]


New addition: Primordial

12. September 2019

Formed in Ireland in the year 1991, bloodied yet unbowed. PRIMORDIAL call to the shadowed kind, to men of myth, etched in stone, whose songs are heard no more. Long and hard is the road […]


New addition: Benighted

11. September 2019

BENIGHTED deliver the radical soundtrack to these savage times. Their latest full-length album “Necrobreed” is the result of modern violence combined with an undercurrent of old school feeling. BENIGHTED keep their grinding influences but classic […]


New addition: Darkfall

10. September 2019

Ever since the very beginning in 1995, the Austrian band DARKFALL has been known for high-quality and uncompromising Thrashed Death Metal. With their first releases the band has unarguably left its marks in the landscapes […]


New addition: Diabolical

9. September 2019

More than twenty years after their formation in northern Sweden back in 1996, the innovative blackened death metal band DIABOLICAL released “Eclipse”, a concept album reflecting on the dark side of humanity and forcing listeners […]

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